Trade Credit Insurance

You can’t afford to have your clients default on what they owe your business.

With rapid changes in worldwide market forces in recent years, the Credit Manager's job is becoming increasingly more difficult. Lost cash flow can be devastating. Allowances for accounts receivable may restrict your operations. One of the main reasons for business failure is a catastrophic bad debt.

A Credit Insurance policy allows you to sell with confidence, providing valuable protection against the consequences of domestic or foreign customer insolvency and non-payment. It is a quick and effective way to protect your bottom line.

Talk to your FCA broker about Credit Insurance and find out how you can:

  • Avoid catastrophic bad-debt losses
  • Safely achieve higher incremental sales and more confidently achieve financial objectives
  • Reduce collection costs
  • Maintain investor confidence and share price
  • Negotiate enhanced borrowing terms and improve relationships with your lenders
  • Replace bad debt reserves with tax-deductible insurance premiums