Why Use a Licenced Canadian Broker?

If your company's home jurisdiction is located outside of Canada, you need to be sure to minimize tax liabilities, administrative burdens, and uncertainties for any Canadian operations. And if you are a broker representing such an organization, you have the same concerns. Regulations in Canada are unique to this country, at the same time that compliance has become an ever-growing priority. And certainly tax audit challenges can be costly in many respects.

However, by partnering with FCA as your local broker, and choosing Canadian-licenced Insurers, you can secure the assurance and regulatory protection you require. Possessing on-the-ground familiarity with the Canadian marketplace, your FCA advisors give you a local presence for direct service, expert claims handling, and solid relationships with licenced Insurers.

You can trust FCA representatives to deliver the professionalism and expertise that you and your clients insist on, at home and away.

Why Use Licenced Canadian Insurers?

As an international organization, you want to assure the regulatory protection of your local client and avoid potential legal issues. You need advice regarding potential tax liabilities and uncertainty. And you want to ensure contract compliance with the local legal system.

FCA can help you avoid potential tax liabilities from re-patriation of claims pay-outs interpreted as ‘income’ or ‘profit’ as well as providing local, knowledgeable claims handling on your behalf.